Exhibit 21
Hydratight Angola LdaAngola
Actuant Australia Pty. Ltd.Australia
Actuant Energy Pty. Ltd.Australia
Cortland Company Australia Pty. Ltd.Australia
Hydratight (Asia Pacific) Pty. Ltd.Australia
HTL Australasia Pty. Ltd.Australia
Hydratight Equipamentos Servicos e Industria Ltda.Brazil
Actuant Canada CorporationCanada
Actuant Changchun Co. Ltd.China
Actuant China Industries Co. Ltd.China
Actuant China Ltd.China
Actuant Shanghai Trading Co. Ltd.China
Actuant Cyprus LtdCyprus
Enerpac International Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Enerpac UK Holdings, LLCDelaware
Cortland Company, IncDelaware
ETG Worldwide Holdings II LLCDelaware
Hydratight Operations, Inc.Delaware
Actuant Europe Holdings SASFrance
Actuant France SASFrance
Hydratight SASFrance
Actuant GmbHGermany
Hydratight Injectaseal Deutschland GmbHGermany
Actuant Global Sourcing, Ltd.Hong Kong
Actuant International Services, Ltd.Hong Kong
Actuant Hungary Holding Kft.Hungary
Actuant Hungary Kft.Hungary
ATU Hungary Holding Kft.Hungary
Actuant India Pvt. Ltd.India
Engineered Solutions LPIndiana
Enerpac SpAItaly
Enerpac Co. LtdJapan
AE Investments I Ltd.Jersey
Hydratight Holding Kazakhstan LLP Kazakhstan
ETG JV Kazakhstan LLPKazakhstan
Hydratight Operating Company Kazakhstan LLPKazakhstan
CrossControl Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia
Actuant Mexico Holdings S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
Actuant Europe CVNetherlands
Applied Power Europa BVNetherlands
ATU Euro Finance BVNetherlands
ATU Global Holdings CVNetherlands
ATU Global Holdings II BVNetherlands
BML Global Holdings CVNetherlands
Enerpac BVNetherlands

Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology BVNetherlands
HTL Europe BVNetherlands
Hydratight BVNetherlands
Enerpac Investments, Inc.Nevada
ETG M.E. Investments, LLCNevada
ETG Worldwide Holdings I Inc.New York
Enerpac ASNorway
Selantic ASNorway
Venice Holdings ASNorway
Venice Norge ASNorway
Enerpac Eastern Europe SP. ZO.OPoland
Hydratight Arabia LimitedSaudi Arabia
Actuant Asia Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Enerpac Asia Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Actuant Operations Singapore Pte Ltd.Singapore
Venice (Singapore) Pte Ltd.Singapore
Venice Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd.Singapore
Enerpac Africa (Pty) Ltd.South Africa
Actuant Korea Ltd.South Korea
Actuant Middle East Holdings, S.L.Spain
Enerpac Spain, S.L.Spain
Larzep, S.A.Spain
Actuant Holdings ABSweden
Actuant Sweden HBSweden
Enerpac Scandinavia ABSweden
PSL Holdings, Inc.Texas
Hydratight Ltd.Trinidad
Actuant Operations UK Ltd.UK
Cortland UK Holdings LimitedUK
D.L. Ricci LtdUK
Enerpac Acquisitions Ltd.UK
Enerpac Acquisitions Finance Ltd.UK
Enerpac Energy Ltd.UK
Enerpac Finance LtdUK
Enerpac Global Financing LimitedUK
Enerpac Holdings Ltd.UK
Enerpac International Ltd.UK
ETG Asia Holdings LtdUK
ETG Global Holdings LtdUK
ETG Investments LtdUK
Equalizer Flange Integrity Systems Ltd.UK
Equalizer International Ltd.UK
Gee-Force Northern LtdUK
HTL Group LimitedUK
HT Global Holdings LimitedUK
Hydratight Ltd.UK
Hydratight Operations, Ltd.UK

Mirage Machines LimitedUK
Venice Fundco Ltd.UK
Venice Topco Ltd.UK
Enerpac Middle East FZEUnited Arab Emirates
Hydratight FZEUnited Arab Emirates